What we are about!

Infinity Ventures is a consortium of multiple group companies, all of which are monomaniacally focused on the sole reason they were created for and exist today- You!

Our endeavour is to keep You and Your needs at the core of our business strategy, processes and products to ensure you get nothing but the best of our offerings and the most transparent, prompt and effective experience ever.

Infinity Ventures is founded, operated and controlled by professionals and does not work towards serving an individuals purpose. We aim to ensure enrichment and value creation for all our stakeholders across the chain of our operations.

All in all, the big idea is simple- To serve and assist you, make your life a little easier and better through all we do, and to make you level up to Infinity!

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I find Infinity People highly professional & productive . They are very passionate & strive for a quick turnaround. Their deep understanding of the business and challenges gives them a competitive edge

Anurag Joneja,
Head Corporate Human Resources at Central Park

A big thanks to Infinity for thoroughly understanding what I needed and giving me exactly that. It was a smooth process without hiccups and delays and that is what most others in this industry lack so very happy with my experience.

Pradeep Singh Charak

I have known the Senior Leadership Team at Infinity from my Emaar days. Can vouch for their credibility and professionalism as they had always managed to distinguish their work by having it done so well. Emaar had one of the best people practices and it is exciting to be able to get the same experience and discover insightful initiatives curated by the Infinity people team, specially from the Real Estate perspective. It’s a pleasure to work with them again and I strongly believe their work will bring joy to many people in the future.

Varun Khullar,
Vice President -Sales at Anant Raj Limited.

We wanted our house to be super cozy while also being airy and naturally well lit. As a couple with long work hours with work from home jobs, our house is everything from our work station to where we unwind. Infinity helped us work out the space with a very practical approach to achieve both aspects and we couldn't be more satisfied.

Kavita Sikka

Infinity People team understands the requirements well and are pre-emptive in finding the right fit and right skill. They do not work like typical firms and have a very professional approach because of their past experience as HR leadership professionals.

Syed Aswath,
Head - People & Culture at Risland India

An extremely professional team with such a strong background. We discovered them through a friend's suggestion and initially were apprehensive about the cost aspect. To our surprise even with such an experienced team, it ended up being cost effective while also getting what we were looking for all within our budget. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their home.

Lavleen Khanna

I know Akanksha from my earlier professional assignment and have always admired her warmth, focus and commitment to close. Team Infinity is amazing, it is a pleasure working with them.

Sandhya Sharma,
Orris Infrastructure

Post COVID we had to redo our whole office space with a fresh perspective. Infinity's smart and practical suggestions made all the difference in our planning. Today our workforce remains the same but fits comfortably in 70% of the space with more facilities than before. This couldn't have been possible without the great work done by Team Infinity.

Tanvir Maqbool Dar

Infinity People assists us in specific leadership manning and other strategic assignments. The overall experience is very professional and smooth.

Debojo Maharshi,
Chief Marketing Officer at SpiceJet

Our office was shutdown with everyone working from home but we decided to change that when the market opened. There was an extremely tight timeline till the opening date and Infinity helped us create a whole new office space in such a short time span. When we sat down to discuss it, we didn't think it was possible but the team gave it their all day and night to make it a possibility. Extremely lucky to have met the right company at the right time.

Nishant Mahajan

Being HR professionals themselves, the senior head hunters at Infinity understand the requirements well and are capable of a quick calibration. They have undertaken Headhunting assignments for us and have successfully delivered on them.

Gurneet Kalra,
Head- Human Resources at Conscient Group

We got our house fully renovated from scratch, the layout, the interiors and the whole front yard. We wanted something extremely contemporary and bespoke with a strong inclination towards incorporating natural elements as much as possible. We loved our experience with Infinity and how they made our vision a reality. We went back and forth with what we liked so many times but their team always took it in a positive stride. Thank you Infinity for giving our home the absolute wow factor that we wanted in and out.

Mandeep Kohli

The team at Infinity People are one of the most insightful and efficient partners to our organization. Their experience, knowledge, and professionalism are above par.

Lalit Aggarwal,
Global CITO at ETC Management Services India Pvt. Ltd.

We bought a semi furnished apartment and got it designed by Infinity Lifespaces. When we started out we were absolutely lost and confused but the Infinity team guided us so well and introduced us to so many various choices to choose from. We are in love with how everything has turned out. It's better than we could have ever imagined it to be.

Sheetal Pal Kumar

We got an in house bar and lounge designed and made on my rooftop by Infinity. We host many poker and card nights and wanted a space exclusively made for it. The timeline was quite crunched as we wanted it ready a week before diwali and they really made it happen and exceeded our expectations. Our guests couldn't stop drooling over the space and in even in the short time since its been made, we've already hosted some of the most epic nights in here.

Sanchita Gupta

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Infinity Lifespaces. Everything from planning to the execution was a flawless process. My wife and I are both working and the biggest point for us was that we didn’t have to take any offs because they managed everything so well and gave us enough time in hand to finalise things at our pace.

Dominic Rodriguez

I recently got my office and showroom done by Infinity and I am very happy with the work they have done. Some of their insights have made a huge difference in increasing our efficiency because of improvements in floor layout and small things here and there that have added up to make a big difference. They worked on the project like their own and not just a job that’s why they have been able to give me such a fantastic experience.

Nitin Bansal

Our bungalow is an ancestral property which we wanted to get renovated while still retaining the heart and soul of the place for emotional reasons. We appreciate how Infinity team understood our wishes and gave us a house with a modern aesthetic and liveability while the essence of our family’s history stays intact.

Shraddha Kanodia

I congratulate the whole team of Infinity for a job well done. Such a professional attitude while still making us feel comfortable throughout. I highly recommend them to all my family and friends, their team made me feel at ease and the whole process was enjoyable and the end result exceeded my expectations.

Prashant Kumar